BellHelen Nevada !
Bob and Brian Exploring
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BellHelen Nevada!

Well after we saw Clifford we drove over to Bellhelen.

Bellhelen was just a outgrowth of Silverbow founded in 1904, due to the Gold and Silver found on the west side of the Kawich Range. The post office opened in 1909 which started some of the best years. At that time there were some 500 tent dewellers there. The post office only lasted for two years. It wasn't until 1917 when Pacific States Mining Co. started a large operation which was said to have produced 117,000 and merged with Tonopah-Kawich Co. in 1922. They then build a new cyanide mill the following year. It never really got of it's feet before shutting down in 1927.

The only stone cabin we found.

Another view of the cabin.

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