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Robert Howard Wynn

I am Robert Wynn from the great state of Missouri, born and raised. The youngest son of Harold and Dorothy Wynn in Levasy MO. That makes me an old Artist, photographer, electronic and computer nut out of the mid-west, but if I had known twenty Years ago how much Nevada had to offer, I'd been here sooner.

I am a graduate of Longview College and E.I. in Kansas City with several years of college and all of the paper work that follows. After forty, years of experience seem to be more important than degrees. Brenda and I came out to Nevada in 1997 after a job offer I could not refuse. I work at one of the older malls on the strip. Photography, Writing, oil Paintings, Ghosttowning and being an Historian is my second Job. Brenda passed away on March 20, 2010, but the name of the site stays the same because it was her idea. I am now married to Mary Jane from McAllen Texas.

On my site I cover exploring and photographing of historical sites in Nevada, California, Utah, and Missouri, plus a little Vegas gallery. Brrenda and I explore ghost towns, mining camps, Mines, cemeteries, stage stations, rail road sidings, historic ranches and just about anything Historic. I came out here from the mid west in 1997 and started gold panning along with ghosttowning Right from the start. It wasn't until I found my first Ghosttown, (Stateline) that I got the real Bug bad. It was in August of 2000 when we started chasing down every remote site we could find.

We both love photography and camping and just getting away from it all. Since then we have turned into history buff's as well. I love to share my photographs of everything I see. This site is my way of expressing Myself to everyone. I have a new found love of writing as well as learning all about Nevada. Ghosttown sites plus stories on historic legends along with over 2200 photo's.

I hope you enjoy This site and sign my guestbook "". If you have something you want to share or maybe find out about, E-MAIL me at

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