Bonnie Claire (Throp) Nevada!
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Bonnie Claire (Throp) Nevada!

Seven miles west of Scotty's Juntion on SR 72.

In the 1880's there was a five-stamp mill at Throp's Well four miles to the south that handled all the ore in the region. That mill ran for twenty years until the Bonnie Claire Bullfrog Mining Company bought to run thier ore for the Gold Mountain District. Around 1904 the Bonnie Claire mill was built near the Stage Station of Throp. One year later Throp's Post Office was open as well. For a short time it was called the Montana Station.

In 1906 the Bonnie Claire townsite was platted at Throp and a tent town grew. When the railroad (Las Vegas & Tonopah) came thru a two story depot was built. The most prominent building in town along with a few saloons, mercantile compnaies and supported a rising 100 population for that year.

Mining fell off and railroad traffic dropped as well but a revival in 1913 supported the building of a new mill. But this only lasted a few years and then declined. 1928 Death Valley Scotty started shipping building materials thru here for his Famous castle in Grapevine Canyon. When the traffic ended and the railroad was abandoned the post office was removed in 1931.

Some of the mines have worked some since then and another mill began to run in the 50's. This is a hot place to be in the summer!

Photo's were taken June 29, 2001

This was the first building you see as you drive to the site.

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