Carrara Nevada!
Bob and Brenda Exploring
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Carrara Nevada!

The most famous marble in the world is to be found in the mountains surrounding Carrara. Vast white spots blot the mountain peaks and, during the winter, can easily be mistaken for snow.If you expected to be in the Tuscan Rivera in Italy with the Aquan Alps in the background looking at the beautiful snow-white caps made of Marble, this isn't it. Instead you find yourself in down town Carrara Nevada. Right at the 51 mile marker is a blacktop turn off, the mill foundations are right there. The townsite is some three hundred yards give or take to the northeast of there. If you look to the north you will see a bunch of cement structures that look like a townsite but it is not. It's the remains of an abandoned Elizalde Cement Company plant that went belly up some time in the early 30's.

Sometime early in 1904 the discovery of the snow-white marble in the Bare Mountain range led to the founding of Carrara. Unfortunately most of the marble found on the site was of insufficient quality so it did not prove to be a bonanza of wealth. The American Carrara Marble Company was formed in 1912, between 1911 and 1913 the company laid out the townsite. The features were a town fountain, hotel and a store.The towns water supply came from nearby Gold Center by way of pipeline. The "Carrara Pacific," which was a three mile lidger cable tram system with wooden rails was built to tie into the LV&T Railroad. It was a simple system that used the weight of the full car going down to pull the empty up. They had a wide section about the haft way mark so the cars could pass. Finally in April 1914, the first slabs of marble were shipped from the quarry.

After the LV&T Railroad quit running in 1917, they built a spur from the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad, owned by the Pacific Coast Borax to accommodate shipping from the Carrara Pacific. At it's day they boasted of having 100 residents, with a newpaper and post office.

April 2001 outing by Bob Wynn Railroad Bed, here is the view up the old rail bed to where the Marble Quarry is. Quarry Photo's

This is a large chunk of Marble that has cut marks on it. Its just a little bit too the east of the Mill.

This is the Mill foundation down by the highway.

About a quarter mile up from the highway you find the town site. Here and below are some basement foundations.

This is the foundation of the old hotel.

The famous Carrara town fountain. This sets right in the middle of town.

More 2005 Photos Added !!!

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