Central Nevada Museum at Tonopah Nevada!!

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Central Nevada Museum
Tonopah Nevada !

Voted the "Best Museum in Rural Nevada" in 1998 by Nevada Magazine! On our July 2005 trip we stopped by and got a few shot of the place. Regardless of how many photos I show I do not believe I could do justice to the Museum. It is one of the best that I have seen in Nevada. They have the best collection of mining equipment outside to be found.
Here is just a couple of the outside feature they have to show. The museum covers everything from mining to old photos during the war and some great stuff from the test site as well.
Above is a ten stamp mill used in the milling process in the early days. The photo to the left is a double decker cage from one of the old mines.
Inside the museum is one of the best collection of old photos, that I've seen yet. Everything from the old days in Tonopah to the early days of the airport built for the B-24's.
The old hanger photo was taken in 1943 at the airport. I thought about this a little, so we drove out to the old airport and took another photo of the Hanger.
Central Nevada Museum
1900 Logan Field Road
P. O. Box 326
Tonopah Nevada