Cherry Creek, Nevada!
Canon D10
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C herry Creek Nevada!

L ocated where else but in Creek Creek mining District. It sets at the mouth of Cherry Creek Canyon and the bottom of the eastern slope of the Egan Range. Rising up to 6300 feet above sea level, the mines were discovered in 1872 and later that year the district was formed. This all led to the founding of Cherry Creek townsite in the spring of 1873. In little over one year the town grew to over 500 inhabitants.
T he increasing growth drawled in such businesses as the likes of Wells, Fargo and Company to open an express office in 1873. Soon there after a post office was established, and in 1876 made into an money-order office. But as always the new fade quickly and in 1875 many people left, but still as of the 1880 census there was still 639 souls left. With tri-weekly mail being brought in from Wells, and freight also from Toano, the town never really died. Compared to other camps the size and age of Cherry Creek, they had less disturbances and murders than most.
I n 1879, December, the Baker Post, No13 of the Grand Army of the Republic was organized with seventeen charter members. The first officers were, J. F. Sissons, as commander; J. C. Moon and Wilson Carey, as vice-commanders; J. H. Blethen, Adjutant; J. D. Maxwell, Officer of the day. As of 1880, they had grown to twenty-five members with a property worth of $300.
A lso in 1879, the miners union was organized in November. The need for this being to counteract the manifest preference given by mine managers to Cornish men for the exclusion of other nationalities. By 1881 there have been some 500 locations made with 300 miners at work.
T he principle mines are the Star, with a tunnel 400 feet in length and shaft 500 feet deep, the Teacup, Exchange, Geneva, Pacific, Pine Nut, Mary Ann, Chance, Flagstaff, Grey Eagle, Bobtail and Boz. There are two mills to handle the ore, one a twenty stamp and the other a six stamp. And in 1881, the White Pine News was published here weekly.
T he first picture and here the last, shows the Barrel Saloon which is still open to this day!

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