Deer Lodge Nevada, Lincoln County Nevada !
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Deer Lodge Nevada, Lincoln County!

Deer Lodge Nevada sits between Gold Bud Mountain and Buck Mountain in Lincoln county. Founded around 1900 by the Hackett Family. Grandma and Grandpa Hackett moved down from Salt Lake Utah in 1900 and now there is three generations of Hacketts there. They started as miners but after the mines petered out they started a cattle ranch.which grew to over 400 head. For more read HISTORY. There is also the Hackett Cemetery close to the main house see: Cemetery

Right out side the main house looked to be the target range, this old car was shot many times. On the right is the main house.

Left: here is another cabin next to the big house. Right: is the chicken coup.

This some of the support buildings with my Grandson TJ.

This looked to be the stable, you can the inside feed stalls.

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