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Free Screen Savers

Bob and Brenda Free Downloads!

(1) Here is a collection of Ghosttown Shacks. Preview.exe

(2) This is our Classic Desert Car Collection Cars.exe

(3) Head Frames and Cemetery photos Frames.exe

(4) Another Car Classic, this is my favorite Classic.exe

(5) Some good shots from our Sprucemont trip. Sprucemont.exe

(6) This is just some shots by Brenda. Random Ghost.exe

(7) Here is our Mine Shaft Photo collection! MineShaft.exe

(8) Atlantis Aquarium Fish Photo collection! Aquarium.exe

(9) A few shots around town from my Photo collection! Vegas.exe

(10) Coral tank in basement at Atlantis Show! Coral.exe

(11) Sreensaver of my 2004 Calendar pictures, a White Pine County special! 2004Calendar.exe

(12) All new Coral Tank for forthcoming Octopus! Coral Tank 2.exe

(13) Bodie California, outside photo Screen Saver_4.3M ! BodieCa.exe

(14) Inside photo's of Bodie California, Screen Saver_2.7M ! InsideBodie.exe

(15) Here is a few of my Oil Paintings from long ago, Screen Saver_3.4M ! Oil Paintings

(16) Pioche Nevada 2004, Screen Saver_3.1M ! Pioche Nevada

(17) Delamar #1 Nevada 2004, Screen Saver_4.3M ! Delamar Nevada

(18) Underwater Things "WITH" audio by my band,
This is NOT a quite Screen Saver_6.3M ! Under Water Things

(19) Charcoal Kilns of Nevada and California, Screen Saver_2.5M ! Charcoal Kilns

(20) Morning Snow in Camp, Kiln Canyon, Screen Saver_1.2M ! White Desert

(21) Death Valley trip photos, California Screen Saver_1.4M ! Death Valley

(22) 2005 Pinenut Festival, Powwow photos, Paiute Screen Saver_3.5M ! Pinenut Powwow

(23) 2003 Scenic trip to Amargosa Area in Death Valley, Screen Saver_4.5M ! Amargosa Springs

(24) The Great Murals of Ely Nevada, Screen Saver_1.7M ! Ely Nevada Murals

(25) The great Nevada Winters, Screen Saver_2.7M ! Nevada Winters

(26) For Goldfield Nevada buff's, Screen Saver_2.3M ! Goldfield Nevada

(27) NEW, Pony Express Station, Screen Saver_3.16M ! Buck Station Nevada

(28) NEW, Doug download New Doug

All screen savers are around 1 meg, give or take some. Download and double click on the exe files and it will self install.