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White Pine Public Museum
2000 Aultman Street !
Ely Nevada

Spearheaded by the Ely Business and Professional Women's Club, one hundred and nine citizens joined to develop a museum in White Pine County on August 1, 1959.
The Museum opened with exhibits loaned and donated by the generosity of the citizens of White Pine County. Its incorporation as the White Pine County Public Museum was on June 1960. The Museum received a Max D. Fleischman Foundation Grant in August of 1961.
The Museum is supported through the Fair and Recreation Board, memorial donations, memberships and donations of visitors.
The Museum has a many nice exhibits, one is a mineral collection, and many historical items from and about Ely. It also has a good collection to see out back.
One of the newest exhibits is the Arctodus Simus Yukonensis, or Giant short-faced bear.
Out in the back yard where the depot and many other historical items are located is a steam powered drill.
The Historic Cherry Creek Depot was built in 1907 to accommodate passengers and freight of the Nevada Northern Railway. The Kitchen was added in 1917 but no further changes were made to the building. The structure included a waiting room in the front of the building with a ticket agent's office and baggage room. The Railroad agent also lived in a living room and bed room provided in the building.
When the Nevada Northern Railroad closed in 1983, the depot was abandoned.. Los Angeles Water and Power acquired the railroad right of way and donated the building to the Museum with the requirement it be moved. See Cherry Creek Depot !
One good way to find the Museum, is to drive down the main drag and located the 4th of July Mural on the side of the building.
This was the photo used to create the mural. Downtown Ely !