Ely Nevada Ghost train Museum!
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Ely Nevada Ghost train Museum!

We were here earlier this year and the Shop was locked up, so after our fishing was done on the way home we stopped by again and got some photo's of the Ghost Train and others. 93 is the Ghost Train they show on thier fliers but they also have NO#40 and one they are restoring now. We found an old steam snow blower and much more as you can see below.

Ghost Train Web Site!!
2006, Ghost Train Photos!!!

Courtesy of
Werner Rolli
My new friend Werner Rolli a great photographer from Switzerland !

Here is their symbol on old 93's tender.

As you come in the door you are in thier machine shop were they are in progress of restoring one. See below.

To the left is NO#40 they us it sometimes because it was still hot from a run the day before.Below is the tenders for 93 and 40.

Here is a old steam powered snow blower they ran in front of an engine.

They had several of these here too!

Sometimes they use this engine instead of the steam one's, for spescial run's!

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