Gold Springs Utah, gone forever!
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Gold Springs Utah, now gone forever!

Our August 17th, 2002, weekender lead us in the Utah direction from Pioche. After stopping off at Deer Lodge and Fay we crossed over to Utah. First thing we saw was Gold Springs. The road from Fay was locked by chain so we had to go around. I have not found any history on Gold Springs but I will. There was a mill site farther up the road but we could not get there due to active mining in the area.

Now I find out that early in 2004 they demolished everything in the Gold Springs townsite and mill at the Jennie Mine. There is nothing left. I think they have leveled all of the old historical building in the whole area. All justified in the name of private property and for the safety of others. It seems to me that Utah has a way of hiding their past, or demolishing it so no one will ever know.

Gold Springs had two log cabins, one large and one not so large. Here's the large one.

Yea you guessed it, this is the not so large one.

Looking down the road you can see both.

Back side of the smaller one. From here we went to Stateline Utah.

Down the road is a mining camp, here are a couple of photos of it.

While you are here you used check out the Gold Springs Mill.

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