Gold Butte Nevada !
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Gold Butte Nevada !

About 30 miles south of Devils Throat lies the town of Gold Butte. Gold was discovered near here in 1905 and by 1908 the town had a stable,post office, and even a hotel. In spite of it's name, more copper was mined in the area than gold. By 1910 most of the mining had ceased.

Here is one of the desert classic's we found at the coral next to Gold Butte.

There is still a lot of left over items still remaining. At one time the town employed Nellie Gentry as a mining recorder for Lincoln County. Most of the homes were moved to St. Thomas.

Here are the graves of Bill Garrett and Arthur Coleman. To read more about them goto Bill and Art

Over by the coral we found this trailer which must have been used for a line shack. It had about 7 beds inside and another 3 outside.

Here is the foundation of the mill site above Gold Butte. Below is more of the ghost town items we find.

After our visit to Gold Butte we drove down to the lake. Nothing ends a day better than an desert sunset!

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