Gold Butte Graves,Clark County Nevada !
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Gold Butte Graves !

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There are two old timers buried here at Gold Butte. Bill Garrett and Arthur Coleman. These two were known for far and wide by many. Garrett was a cattleman as well as a Texas cowboy skilled roper and six-shooter. Coleman was a educated man who loved to read and a good miner as well. Thier partnership lasted from 1916 till they both died at Gold Butte. Nearly everyone referred to them as " the long and short of it".

Bill Garrett was a nephew of Pat Garrett, who shot Billy The Kid. He never married and came to Gold Butte in 1916. He died and is buried here beside his partner Arthur Coleman, Garrett died in 1961 at the age of 81.

Art Coleman was a miner, a good one at that. They also did assay work if the cattle business was bad and art couldn't make any money gold mining. Art loved to read and was considered to be the intellectual of the two.

It was well known by friends that the two had a still for which they made thier own moonshine. They both were known to have a drink or two and even share with thier friends. One story tells of a time when they were headed into town for supplies after they both have been drinking for some time. Art was having a hard time keeping the car on the road when he finally ran upon a large Cactus. They could not get it off and being a little too far gone to remember they had a ax in the trunk, Bill volunteered to walk five miles back to the Gold Butte to get a horse to pull the car off. By the time Garrett returned Art had crawled into the back seat and went to sleep. Garrett let the horse go and made out his bedroll and decided to wait till daylight to work on the car. When the morning came the horse had wandered back to gold Butte and Bill and Art had a good laugh as they both walked back. There was a Sunday edition of the Nevadan Magazine, Las Vegas Review Journal Jan 3,1982 which had a long story on the two men. You can reference this story at The Long and Short of Gold Butte

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