Goodsprings Cemetery, Nevada! !
Bob and Brenda Exploring
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Goodsprings Cemetery !

Goodsprings Nevada: Due to the Silver discoveries in 1861 by Joseph Good and a few other prospectors from the North San Juan, Nevada County, California, the Colorado Mining District was formed. It's bordered on the Colorado River including the El Dorado canyon area.
Again as so often an Indian lead them to find rich veins of Silver. The Indians who lead them there kept asking for " Techatticup," which meaning is bread or something to eat. Because of that the riches most promising view was named the Techatticup.
Thus again in about 1868 Joseph Good along with his other prospectors made Silver-Lead discoveries around the Goodsprings area but nothing became of it till 1886 when more discoveries led to the founding of Goodsprings Nevada, named after Joseph Good. The town grew to 200 residents by the 1890's
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