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The Gunsight Mine, Cal. !  


The Gunsight mine was discovered sometime in 1870's and was operated by J.B. Osborne. Osborne also owned the Nooday mine and mines at Salt Springs to the south. In 1907 when the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad was being built from Ludlow, Osborne had a rail built from the Gunsight and Noonday down close to Tecopa where the T & T would be. If you look in the background from the Ore Bin photo you can see it snake around the base of the mountain.

After that it go's straight down to Tecopa. This down hill slope cause them to ride the brakes most of the way, making flat spots on the wheels. W. W. Cahill of the T & T refused to use the Tecopa R & R cars because of the flat wheels. The last photo on this page is the ore bin close to Tecopa where we think they reload the Tecopa R & R cars over to the T & T.

In 1942 the mines and the railroad were done and the rails were toren up for the metal, due to the war going on at that time. To get the ore from upper bin down to the lower bin See Lower Bin they used a Tram or funicular to move ore down the hill to the lower bin.

The mine had four levels, level one and two were up on top where they first found the strike. Level 3 is where the settlement was at and level 4 was around to the south side.

Now lets take a tour of the Level 3 shaft.Inside the Mine Level 3
Level 4 Shaft!

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