Hamilton Nevada !
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Hamilton Nevada!

Late one July night in 1867, A. J. Leathers lay sleeping in his cabin high upon White Pine Mountain, only to be awaken by strange noises. Arising from his bunk he found an Indian eating his leftover beans that he had for supper. Leathers hastily ran the Indian out of the cabin. Several days passed and the Indian returned, this time he brought a piece of silver ore for payment of the beans he had eaten. Leathers persuaded the Indian to take him to the spot where the Indian had found the ore. Thus Leathers findings Led to the start of the White Pine Mining District.

The early camp soon had the nickname of Cave City, because of the large number caves the first settlers used for shelter. In May of 1868, a promoter by the name of Hamilton plated a townsite near the camp, which would be the First County Seat in White Pine County.

By 1869, Hamilton had grown to a population of around 30,000 and boasted of having some 22 lawyers, 101 saloons, 59 general stores, churches, banks, a soda factory, breweries, stage station and a morning newspaper by the name of the Daily Inland Empire along with many other businesses. Empire I guess, there was soon to be some 195 White Pine mining companies incorporated with stocks totaling over $70 million. Predicting that Hamilton would grow to twice its size a San Francisco Firm started a water company with a steam pumping works to be later called the Von Schmidt's water works. Illipah Springs

In 1873 a cigar storeowner set fire to his store, and shut off the towns water supply to insure his property would burn to the ground for which he did collect the insurance. Not only did he burn his own store down but most of the business district as well, to a total sum of $600,000 in damage. For this the court gave him 7 years in prison for arson. Later in 1885 the town was struck with fire again, this time burning down the courthouse along with all of the records. The repercussions from this only lasted two years and the County Seat was moved to Ely.

Today the ruins are getting few and far between, but there is still a lot to be seen. The Smoky Mill was built in 1869, and a small part is still here along with Mourners point Cemetery, said to contain the grave of what is to be the brother of the founder of Folger Coffee Dynasty. Other townsites to be seen in the area are Treasure City, high upon Treasure Hill, Eberhardt, Treasure City and Shermantown.To see more Photo's !

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