Wm Hamblin Family, Barclay Cemetery!
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Wm Hamblin Family, Barclay Cemetery!

William Haynes Hamblin, the back of his stone states that he founded Gunlock, Utah, and was a famous scout, prospector, expert rifleman and missionary to the indians. William born Oct 28, 1830 and died May 8, 1872 was married to Mary Ann Leavitt and Betsy Jane Leavitt

The stone marked Herelies, is Sarah Dapne Hamblin the daughter of William and Mary Ann Hamblin, the dates are unable to read.

Hannah M Hamblin Oct 22, 1834 to Mar 15, 1884 is also buried here.

J. P. & C. Hamblin was only one year old when he died, May 14, 1896 to Fed 15, 1897

Veva Hamblin, 1887 to 1901, was only four years old when she died.

David Merlyn Hamblin Sept 25, 1908 to Jan 26, 1914 was the son of E.O. and Josephine Hamblin.

It was in the winter of 1863-64, when the indians were cold and hungry, that an indian went to Wm Hamblin, at Meadow Valley, and offered to show him mines for a consideration. In this way the famous Panaca Ledge was founded. Hamblin, although he had worked in placer mines years before, knew nothing of silver ore, so he went to Salt Lake City with his samples and showed them to Governor Reed. The samples were looked over and examined by General Connor and others, and then plans were made for expeditions to be sent out to Meadow Valley mines.

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