Hiko Nevada!
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Hiko Nevada!

Hiko was in the Pahranagat Mining District where an indian of the Pahranagat or "squash eater" tribe showed rich silver lead ore sample to a party which included Ely, Hatch, McClusky, Sanderson, Sayles, and Strutt in 1865.
The exspectations were so high that Linclon county was separated from Nye county on Feb 26, 1866, just to make room for the new district. Shortly after that the county seat was moved from Crystal Springs to Hiko.
Raymond and Ely were the first to build a five stamp mill at Hiko but the same fate hit Hiko as did so many others, little ore was produced and the vien ran out. In 1869 the mill was moved to Pioche and in 1871 the county seat moved to Pioche as well.
Now days Hiko is a rich ranching area with the good supply of water. The only things left are the 1901 J. F. Murphy general Store building and the Cemetery , plus a good size mill foundation along the highway.
We met the ranch owner who was nice enough to tell us about the Murphy store. He let us drive onto the ranch for pictures, he uses the building for a tack room.
We have been driving right by all of this and didn't realize there was this much here, it was a good find. You can see Brian in front of the old store building above.

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