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Indian Springs Canyon, Kiln !

On May 9th, 2006, Wesley and I made a run for the Goldfield area. We had found evidence that there was a kiln about three miles west in Indian Springs Canyon. I thought at first it was up near Brickyard Springs, but it wasn't. We found it about a quarter mile below Dago Joe Springs. The next question is what type of kiln is it. I have not been able to locate any history as to what it was used for, or if it was used at all.
I am trying to find all of the old charcoal kilns in Nevada, or as many as I can. We thought this might be used for charcoal, but it does not look that way now. It more than likely was used for lime instead. I have sent out e-mails to my fellow historians to see if anyone has any history or knowledge of it. This kiln is built like the one we found at Bennett Pass above Panaca. This being an open top kiln, but the one at Panaca was very blacked inside and looked to be a charcoal Kiln.
So far the only idea given me was that it may have been built while Montezuma was active for smelting the ore. Then it may not have been used at all, they built a mill up there instead. If anyone has any knowledge or ideas about this kiln, I would like to hear them!