Ione Nevada!
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Ione Nevada!

Our first trip here was in Oct, 2000 and in May of 2003 we finally returned for few new photos and to get the Cemetery.

In the spring of 1863 Silver was discovered and the camp of Ione was founded in the upper part of the Shamrock canyon. It had roughly forty to fifty buildings and because it was too far off the beaten path and distant from the mines in 1864 the present town site of Ione was plotted in the lower part of the canyon. Also in 1864 the State legislature designated Ione the County Seat for Nye County. After still another rush Ione grew to around 500 population.

Milling began around 1865, first at the Pioneer Mill, but the miners were unable to supply enough ore to keep it running, so it was soon to shut down . The same year easterners erected the $130,000 twenty-stamp Knickerbocker Mill just south of town which run for ten years milling ore from nearby districts. In 1866 mining was getting poor and the ore was running out so the county seat got moved to Belmont. Ione hasn't had a rush since 1880 and the Quicksilver operations in 1920 and 1930 help some, but the town never has been deserted.
Ione has a very western look to more than some, it would be a very quit place to live today. The old courthouse has finally been torn down, but there is still a lot of the old shacks around even till today. It has a very well kept Cemetery just outside of town and well worth a stop to visit.

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