Jack Rabbit Mine ( Royal City), Nevada!
Bob and Brenda Exploring
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Jack Rabbit Mine and Royal City, Nevada!

As the story was told, some old prospector picked up a rock to throw at a jack rabbit and found himself with a fist full of high grade silver. How ever the Jack Rabbit District, named after the mine was located by Isaac Newton Garrison in 1876. Total production of the district was estimated between $2,000,000 to $6,000,000.

Later it was called Royal City and in months they had saloons and the regular stuff plus a restaurant. It was the last watering hole before Pioche on the stage stop. The post office came to be in 1878-79.

Heres the Head frame at Jack Rabbit

Ore was milled in Bristol and Pioche. But in 1891 they built a narrow gage railroad to Pioche called the Jack Rabbit Road, hence the name stuck. Mining fell off between 1893 to 1906 then the Bristol mine started a tram to Jack Rabbit so ore could be taken by rail to Pioche.

Here is the foundation behind Head Frame.

Royal City is just east of the mine. We did not see any stone ruins but there were a lot of wooden shacks. Here is the remains of one.

Here is the ruins of Royal City!

Here is where the tram came down so ore could be loaded out in railroad cars. You can see the tram in the back ground.

Above the Jack Rabbit mine we found another shaft and took a look inside, it was cold and my battery's were low.

But I got a couple of shots anyway. Photo taken July 21st, 2001. All photos above were taken on June 4th, 2006.

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