Logan City Nevada!
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Logan City Nevada!

In 1865 stories of a mountain of silver drawed inquistive prospectors out of Austin southward to find it. The trip produced nothing but in thier return they came across an old indian who led them to the east slope of Mount Irish to find a rich ledge of silver.After the find everyone made for Panaca to obtain supplies. In june they returned to begin exploratory work, Indians attacked the camp and ran everyone away. By the fall of that year a permanent camp was established near springs in a wide pass south of the mines, within a few months they had over 100 people. By July 1867 Logan City received it's own post office. Due to the short depth of the ore the town died out. Some small operator still worked the mines early in the century and just before World War II.

Today there is only a couple of building left. It looks like in the 60's this must have been a good place to get away from everybody.

As you drive from Logan over the pass to Cresent, you will see this log cabin. It's right on the road. It's about a mile up the road.

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