Kiln Canyon Treasure!
Bob and Brenda Exploring
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Kiln Canyon Treasure!

In the mid-1870 with mining active all over Nevada, charcoal was in great demand for operating the lead-silver smelters. In the Tybo district, where three beehive charcoal ovens were built over the top of McCann Summit, a number of wood contractors made charcoal from pinyon trees and supplied it to the local mills.

One certain Portuguese contractor was owed a large sum of money by a Tybo smelter. On the day he collected it he decided to go to Tybo to hire more woodcutters. First, as he always did, he cached a portion of the money in a hiding place. It was known that he was saving all that he could to purchase passage for the rest of his family to come to the United States and help him in his business.

After the routine chore of safeguarding his money, the contractor started for Tybo. A short while later he was found where his horse had thrown him. A broken neck and caused his instantaneous death.

Later, one of the contractor's laborers recalled that whenever his employer went to cache money he walked northwest from the dugout located across the road from the charcoal ovens. He also must have gone some distance as the trees near the ovens had all been cut by that time. Probably his homemade bank was over a ridge and out of sight, as the laborer said he was usually gone about three quarters of an hour.

Although a number of individuals have searched for this treasure, estimated at $5,000, no one has ever reported finding it. Tybo's mines and mills closed in 1891 but did reopen for intermittent operations up to the present time. Tybo itself is a ghost town, with its remaining buildings empty. The trio of ovens still stand on McCann Summit, landmarks to the cache of a man who buried his dreams in gold coin.

There seems to be a lot of gold coins around McCann Summit that may have not been found!
"Nevada Lost Mines & Buried Treasures" by Douglas McDonald

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