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Moapa Nevada, Railroad Town!

December 2004 Wesley and I stopped here at Moapa and took a few pictures. This building to the left was just up from the old Post Office. I should have taken a photo of the Post Office to, but it was later day even thou long since abandoned. Moapa was a railroad town founded between 1906 and 1907.
In about 1907 the latest additions to the Salt Lake route in Nevada was a branch reaching southward from Moapa and extending twenty-two miles down the entire length of Moapa Valley ( formerly Muddy Valley).
1911 the San Pedro Los Angeles Railroad built a spur southward with the Townsite of St. Thomas being the terminus. During the first World War the price of copper skyrocketed and the heavy traffic of beef between St. Thomas and Grand Gulch made the freight line very lively between 1910 and 1918.
1700 Alt, and 200 population. Moapa is a union Pacific station in a region where several gypsum plants operate. Until the automobile trucking began, this place, now little but a water tank, freight station, small store, and small school, was adistributing and shipping point where dozens of mule teams were seen at all times.
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