Monarch Mine, at Sprucemont Nevada!
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Monarch Mine at Sprucemont !

Production was slow until 1918, when better mineral prices due to the War cause an increase in activity. The Monarch was taken over by Bart Woodward and Herbert Badt of Wells. The Spruce Mountain Monarch company was formed with Herbert Badt as president. The Monarch mine located on the western slope of Spruce Mountain, was the deepest in the district.

In 1928 the Missouri-Monarch mining company bought out the Monarch. The company controlled 34 claims over two miles of the main strike fissure. By this time a large number of bunk houses were built at the Monarch and Black Forest mines.

Lead continued to be the mainstay of Spruce Mountain with over one million pounds being produced between 1924 to 1929. In 1932 the Missouri-Monarch got permission to build a 3000 foot truck road from Monarch to Sprucemont.

After 1937, the Missouri-Monarch company was the only large producer in the district. There were other mines like the Rainbow, Kelly and the O.D., but very little was being produced. The Index company, running the Bullshead and the O'Neil property made very minor shipments around that time.

Tragedy occured in 1940, when Jake Wiskerchin was trapped and smothered to death in the Monarch mine. He swung a pick at a ledge and two tons of rock fell covering him up to the neck. But Wiskerchin suffocated before anyone could free him. Ever since 1961 no production has taken place, with the total production for Spruce Mountain being around 2.9 million.

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