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December 2006 Issue No#23.

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Carson Valley !

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Carson Valley was the root for many a tall tale besides the ones that Mark Twain wrote about. It created a list of famous people around the 1860's with most of them into the mining business. But there were those who made their fame for other reasons.

B orn in St. Lawrence County, New York, on March 24, 1826, Hank Monk for a third of a century was the best-known stage driver in the West. The best told story about Monk that came to print was from Horace Greeley comments to Hank that he took a little too serious. One day Horace came to Hank ask him for a favor. Greeley said he was running late and needed Hank to put the team to a test. Hank ended up putting the whip to the six up and Horace got the ride of a lifetime in 1859. Published so many times was the famous quote of Hank Monk hollering back to Horace, "Keep your seat, Horace, I'll get you there on time."

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If you are looking for free screen savers then click on free downloads. The last one added was No# 27 Buck Station Screen Saver for September!

Local News in Vegas!

Talking about the weather for Las Vegas is about the dumbist thing I think I ever did. There is no weather in Las Vegas. 95 percent of the time it is bright and sunny, 100 plus in the summer and in the 50's most of the time in the winter.

S ince the first of the year my web traffic as fell from 1500 a month to around 600 a month. It ran about fifty percent new to fifty percent returns. The new has held up but my return people have fell all but gone. Now I can make a few bucks writing for magazines and I do not make anything off the web site, so from now on I will work more on the articles. My newsletters will probably be every two to three months in coming out. I will still add sites from time to time but I am not going to work at it like in the past. I am just trying to keep up with more things than I can handle at one time.

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Book Reviews

This issues book is " Nevada's, Turbulent Yesterday", By Don Ashbaugh and published by Westernlore Press in 1963. If I did not know any better, I would say this is what I would write about. He even states that he read the Yankee Trader as well. Now here is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I savored every page of it. I only have one half hour every morning before I go to work to read, so it took me a while to finish. If you are looking for what made up the real backbone of Nevada's history, this is your book.

Last Trip Log

Trip Logs

October, 28th thru November 2nd, 2006

This will be done in two parts. Professor Tom Straka and his brother Paul will make the first run. Tom and I are working on a few articles that need photos to finish up. So Saturday I fetched Paul at his motel and met Tom at the airport at noon. We headed right out for Ely. We got there in time to get some afternoon and evening shots of the Nevada Hotel and the mural. This takes care of the mural article we are sending into the Sunset Magazine. We also were able to locate one of the oldest murals in Ely. It was in a bar off the main drag and dates back to 1933. Had a great time that night.

Sunday we were off to Hot Creek to chase down the history about when and where the first hotel was built in Hot Creek. There seems to be many stories and they are different. We found out more, but it just brought up more questions unanswered. Made the trip through Hot Creek canyon and got more photos, this time the hot springs for sure, it was hot! After that we ran up Kiln Canyon to search for an old blacksmith shop. After a healthy walk which killed most of the day we headed for Tonopah. We did make a few stops, one at Silverton to see the old cemetery and another at the black lava site off the highway. When we got into Tonopah we were pretty well beat. Had a good super and hit the motel and crashed. Paul is younger, I think he did a walkabout that night after Tom and I died.

Monday the game plan was to find some old ghost town saloons to visit. We are working on an ghost town tavern idea for next year and we need to find about five really good old saloons. We headed out north to Gabbs, because I have not been there in five years, and then over to Ione. It is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Well we missed it but at least it still is in business. By this time we needed to head back to Vegas. Paul had a flight out at six the next morning.

Tuesday morning, Tom got Paul to the airport and met Professor Roy (retired) and Wesley and I played a round of golf. I met Tom and Roy at the Atlantis show at 1:00pm. After I gave them the full tour while the show was down for repairs, I pick the best times to be on vacation, we headed for Tonopah were we already had rooms for the night. That night I had brought along a bunch of the 1956 Desert Magazines to read. Tom wanted to read the Charcoal article in the June issue. I happen to find an article about Sodaville, which was right close to Tonopah. It had some great old photos and I wanted to take the same shots and add something new to my site.

Wednesday morning we headed to Sodaville. That was a lucky find and it worked out great. We also found Rhodes Salt Marsh for a few photos as well. After having some great fun taking shots of every thing we headed down to Beatty where we have rooms for the night. But before we got there I had a brain fart and drove over to Silver Peak. I guess the saloon is not open any more, it just did not work out. But, we did find the saloon in Goldfield open and got some great information on the old hotel and maybe next spring we might get a chance to spend the night in it. By the time we had a few beers and talked it was getting late. We finally made it into Beatty about dark. We eat and crashed!

Thursday we wanted to take it easy and get into Vegas early. Tom had promised Roy to hit the strip before they left. So we dropped over into Death Valley and run down by Tecopa and back over to Vegas. Got a few interesting photos in Death Valley and Tom really liked Dublin Gulch at Shoshone. He liked it so well I am going to write an article on it now. But I will have to run back over for better photos. I thought I had a bunch from 2000 when Brian and I were there. I just can not find them, oh well at least it is close. We all got back in about 4:00 pm and I dropped them off at the hotel and beat the traffic back to my house. I think everyone had a great time, I know Paul did, he never quit talking about it. It was his first time in Nevada and Vegas as well. I may not be able to get out as much as I use to, but I try to make the best of it when I do! This was a very rewarding trip for me.

December 9th, 2006

Well after the last trip out with Tom, We have come up with another article idea. I am going to try Dublin Gulch at Shoshone. Nevada Magazine has showed a big interest in the idea, but I need something more to show them as far as a sells pitch go's. Wesley and I made a run over for better photo's of the Gulch. I know I am way behind in everything, and that is not just only my web site, its close to Christmas and the family is driving me nuts.

We had a good drive over and the weather was great, I even think the sun was in my favor for this one. I am hoping to get caught up on my postings soon!

Personal Notes

Upcoming Plans !

I have no idea of what direction we are heading next. I would like to get back over to Death Valley for a few old sites. I think next year I will try to get up north, I have put off going that way for too long. If you have any comments, good or bad, feel free to e-mail me. I get very little about the site anymore! One of the reasons for backing off is that after twenty five years, I have made up mind to make time to play golf, I love the game too much not to wait till I can find time. I guess I just got burnt out and need time to recoup.

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