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Pahrump Valley
Pahrump Nevada !

401 East Basin Ave
(Corner of Ford Street)
Pahrump, Nevada

The Pahrump Valley Historical Society was established in 1991 by Charles Gallivan and Harry Ford who where longtime residents of Pahrump. Throughout the 1990's growth was constrained by lack of funds and space, however the desire to provide a place which could house the growing historical artifacts from Pahrump Valley Never faultered.

On a long term loan from Phil Huff's Family the President Lincoln Collection is the Premier exhibit at the Museum. The Lincoln room holds one of the countries finest Lincoln memorabilia collections ever. This museum is living proof of what a growing community can when they all work together. With the present 5000 sq. ft. building full the plans are to add 4500 more before the current year comes to a end.

More on the Lincoln Collection !

Included in the future growth they are also designing a "Main Street Pahrump Display" which will feature many of the old buildings of significance to the area. Here is the Pahrump General Store which is now on the museum's property.

Outside of the building there is 10 bronze statues showing some of the best craftsmanship I have ever seen. These statues were donated by the Harvwest Festival Committee. These unique statues allow for many photo opportunities and provide a pleasant atmosphere where you can spend time just reflecting.

More on the Bronze Statues !

There is a wonderful example of the southwestern gardens which the Master Gardner and the Desert Garden Club maintains. You will find this outside in front along the fence. Many people spend time photographing the outstanding display. On my next trip I will get photos of this area. I just got wrapped up in everything else a spaced out on this one. Also along with the cactus garden there is a cotton patch on the west side. The cotton patch is to give everyone who visits the opportunities to see the crop that was one of the stellar plantings that were successful here in the desert. Mr Tim Hafen provided the gardeners with 40 year old seeds. When planted they had no idea of what was to happen. But believe it or not they picked cotton last year. This year they hope to harvest the crop and teach the 4-H Club members how to pick, comb & card and spin thread the cotton.
Other outside Items!