Palmetto Nevada !
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Palmetto Nevada !

DIRECTIONS: Death Valley Basin, Esmeralda County on State Route 266, eight miles east of the California border. Nevada Historical Marker 158

Thinking that the local joshua trees were related to plam trees the prospectors in 1860's named the mining camp Palmetto. The ore was not profitable so the site was abandoned until in the late 1860's when it had it's secound revival. By 1906 the town was revived again when new mines were opened up.

The new townsite had a commercial district which included stores, meat markets, saloons, feed yards, bakeries, restaurants, bank, doctor's office, newspaper and post office.

By 1906 the town had about 200 population which was it's peak. In the autumn of 1906 the miners started drifting away. Here is Brian and Brenda looking over one of building sites.

Looking through this door way you can see the Mill Site on the nearby ridge.

Grave site at Palmetto!!

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