Peavine Canyon Nevada !
Bob and Brian Exploring
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Peavine Canyon!

As we drive up Peavine canyon you can see that this was no mining camp. Not everyone in the 1800's was after gold. The springs all up through this canyon would provide water for many ranch's. It sure grew some good cottonwoods, even though they are not native to the area. That's where we camped, in the Peavine campgrounds.
We always try to note good camp spots for late night stops. We enjoyed our weekend over night, Cimarron, San Antonio, Peavine and Cloverdale on this trip. Notice the distance between tents, I don't care what Brian says, he and my wife are both wrong, I don't snore!
Peavine dates back to the early 1870s, when Lemuel Compton and his wife Johanna first settled here. The settlement was a stop on the Belmont stage run because of its source of water. Even though the settlement had the resources to grow it never got over 25 residents at any giving time.
Finally in Aug 25, 1890, they got a post office with John Compton as postmaster, but only lasted till October. The settlement was home to many miners as well as mill workers for the surrounding area.
One day in November of 1900, Lemuel was taken to Belmont to vote, while in his absents a fire broke out leaving only Johanna to tend to it. She was found in what was left of the stable burnt to death. There is a lot of ruins left in this canyon, some stone and others out of wood.
Today as you drive up the canyon to the camp grounds you will see many beautiful ranches and a lot of green. You can't miss the old stone ranch house down at the mouth of the canyon.

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