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Who's Buried in Pioche
Documented Obituaries!

May, 1870 AD ROGERS was shot and killed in the hills about six miles east of Pioche, Lincoln County. He had gone out to examine some mining claims, in company with Moses Black. The latter reported that Rogers had been accidentally shot with his own pistol, which had fallen from its scabbard, the hammer striking a stone and exploding it.

June 29,1870 RICHARD H. DODD was killed by Williams Dodds, at Picohe, Lincoln County. Hard feeling between the parties the cause.

September 4,1870 ANDREW WHITLOCK was killed by Jas. Maxwell, at Meadow Valley Mill, Lincoln County. The former was an important witness in a lawsuit over the title to a ranch, and Maxwell took this way to keep him from testifying, and then escaped over the line into Utah.

September 20, 1870 HARRY GORMAN was killed by George Hirsch at Pioche, Lincoln County. Grandjury ignored the bill against Hirsch.

October 30, 1870 R. H. CARSON, alias "Kit," was killed at Pioche by parties unknown. Antonio Cardenas was indicted for the killing, but was not convicted.

February 15, 1871 JOHN CLAPPY, with several aliases, was killed by Jas. D. Kennedy, in Pioche. Kennedy was convicted of murder in the second degree, and obtained a new trial. The case was finally nolle prossed.

February 18, 1871 McDONALD was killed by McCoy, at Highland, Lincoln County. McCoy then shot and killed himself, supposed to be insane. Was a stranger in the vicinity.

February 22, 1871 THOS. COLEMAN was killed at Pioche, Lincoln County. Morgan Courtney and Barney Flood were arrested, but were discharged from custody, there being no direct evidence against them.

March 12,1871 THOMAS GORSON was killed by Mike Casey, at Pioche, Lincoln County. A business settlement was the cause.

May 3, 1871 W. I- WARNOCK was killed at Pioche, Lincoln County, while passing some forts on mines; a number of parties were arrested, but no convictions.

May 30, 1871 MIKE CASEY was killed by James Levy, at Pioche, Lincoln County. Acquitted. Mike Casey is the man who killed Thoma Gorson on March 12th.

July 7, 1871 SAMUEL COOKLIN was killed by a sheriff's posse, at Pioche, Lincoln County. He resisted the officers, firing at them; they had to shoot him.

August 5, 1871 GEORGE M. EL&RRIS was shot and killed by D. A. Myendorff at Pioche, Lincoln County. Harris slapped Myendorff across the face; thereupon the latter killed him. Myendorff acquitted.

November 26,1871 JAMES BUTLER was killed by Special Officer Shea, at Pioche, Lincoln County. Insulting and threatening language was the cause. Acquitted.

November 26, 1871 JOHN G. WOOD was killed by Pres. Standifer, at Pioche, Lincoln County. The citizens held that the killing was justifiable.

July 12,1872 FANNIE PETERSON was killed by Mike Holland, at Pioche, Lincoln County. They had been living together, and had separated some time before. Sentenced to fifteen years in State Prison.

October 2, 1872 CHARLES HICKEY was killed by Mike Holland, at Pioche, Lincoln County. A newspaper article reflecting on Hickey, supposed to have been furnished by Holland, the cause. The Grand Jury ignored the bill against Holland.

November 5, 1872 JOHN F. STRAIN was fatally shot in an altercation between George Manning and a man named Dow, at Pioche, Lincoln County. Manning, charged with the shooting, was examined and discharged.

November 20, 1872 Win. McCARTHY was killed by James Woods, at Pioche, Lincoln County. Quarrel over a game of cards. Woods was acquitted, as McCarthy struck first.

December 28, 1872 THOMAS RYAN was killed at Pioche, Lincoln County, in an under-ground fight between employees of the Raymond and Ely, and Pioche Phoenix Mining Com-panies. No one was punished for this deed.

December 29,1872 CHARLES SWANSON was fatally shot at Pioche, Lincoln County, by some unknown person. He was at the time going to work in the Raymond and Ely mine, but at that time a quarrel was in progress between that and another mining company, and guards were posted about the works. It being dark, Swanson was doubtless taken by the guard as an intruder and shot. A reward of $1,650 was offered for the arrest of his slayer but he was never found.

May 1, 1873 THOMAS WELCH was killed by Frank Soule, at Pioche, Lincoln County. Old business transactions. Soule acquitted.

May 8, 1873 S. D. POTTER was killed by Jeff. Howard, at Pioche, Lincoln County. Quarreled over a game of cards. Howard got ten years in the State Prison.

May 17,1873 CHARLES SANBOURN and GUS WRIGHT were found dead in the water at Coyote Springs, six miles from Bristol. No clue to the perpetrators.

July 6,1873 JOHN IEL LYNCH was shot and killed by James Harrington, at Pioche, Lincoln County. Dispute over a dog. He wounded three other men at the same time. Harrington was sentenced to fifteen years in State Prison.

August 1, 1873 MORGAN COURTNEY was shot and killed by George McKinney, at Pioche, Lincoln County, who lay in wait for him and shot him in the back. McKinney was acquitted.

August 1, 1873 B. H. KISTLE was shot and killed by D. W. Cherry, at Pioche, Lincoln County. He was stealing Cherry's barley. Cherry was acquitted.

September 2, 1873 JOHN MANNING was shot and kMed by Deputy Sheriff McKee at Pioche, Lincoln County, in self-defense. Acquitted.

October 5,1873 ANONIO CARDINOS was killed by Charles Peasley, at Pioche, Lincoln County, in a bar room fight. Acquitted on self-defense.

November 2,1873 JOSEPH W. THOMAS was killed by Win. Rosamurgay, at Pioche, Lin-coln County. Dispute concerning wages. Sentenced to fifteen years in State Prison.

November 3,1873 MATTHEW CAHII L was killled by Robert McCullough, at Pioche, Lin-coln County in a Hurdy House. McCullough got out on bail, and went to work in a mine, and had both eyes blown out by a blast. He left Pioche for medical treatment, and thus got free.

November 2, 1874 JIM KING was shot and killed by James Gleason, at Pioche, Lincoln County. He got twenty-one years in State Prison.

June 26, 1875 JOHN BASS was killed by officers McKee and Kelley, at Pioche, Lincoln County. He opened fire on the officers, firing five shots. They had to kill him to take him.

March, 13, 1876 EARL HAMILTON was killed by John Rice, at Pioche, Lincoln County. The latter was elected from a ball-room and while the same was being done he stabbed Hamilton with a Bowie-knife. At Hamilton's request Rice was not prosecuted.

April 20, 1877 TIM SULLIVAN was stabbed and killed by William Donnelly, at Pioche, Lincoln County. The quarrel originated among the children of the men. Donnelly escaped; no attempt was made to recapture him.

July 20, 1878 MICHAEL DONAHUE was shot and killed by Robert Frazer, at Pioche, Lincoln County. The former was a witness in a lawsuit and Frazer took it upon himself to keep him from giving testimony. Frazer died while waiting trial.


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