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Rachel Nevada

When mining came back to the old site of Tempiute in the middle 70's, the town site was already a Ghost and ruins. Given the fact that miners had to travel such a great distance something was to be done. So they went down into the flats, which is 100 feet below sea level and created a new town site. D. C. Day first named his new creation Tempiute Village after the old town site. Then later came the name of Sand Springs.
In 1977 a local cooperative was form, and this lead to electrical power which was turned on March 22, 1978. Soon there after the name was discussed and found that the old name lacked distinction. The first child to be born in the valley, and maybe the only one, was Rachel Jones. This was taken as a major event in town, so much so they the town Rachel.
Given a fact that Rachel is the only town on 375 highway, and having to call Groom Lake a neighbor, it is no wonder how the UFO stories got started. Even so the town has grown in popularity all over the world as Little alien village. Lets face it, when your town is the only town on Extraterrestrial Highway, it brings to mind something of a twilight Zone effect. It attracted people from all the world since 1989 just to see the lights in the sky.
For such a small town, and in a short amount of time, it has become known world over. The sign states and tells it all, Humans 98, aliens 0. But Rachel is different from all of the neighboring towns, instead of making a living off the mining industry and then to tourism, they have agriculture.
Rachel may not have a long history dating back to the old mining days but it does have a lot of history in every other aspect. I think it is well worth the time to list it. Who knows, maybe there is something to all of the stories!