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Bibliography!   Credit's !  Those who Help!

_Our Special Thanks To;_____

Donna and Al Frederick with the White Pine County Genealogy Site
Dr.Thomas J. Straka, Professor Celmson University (A writing associate of mine and Good Friend)
Bob Grubaugh ( Water Bob) at Hot Creek Nevada
Louis Benezet (Court House Caretaker) Pioche Nevada
Lynn M Critchlow ( Who worked at the Taylor Mine)
Stanley Paher of Nevada Publications
Norman Chipps for (Good Springs) info
Bob Maichle (Yet another Bob) Nevada Historian
Martha Feld of the Mensa Kid Trek 2004
Kritstine Requa Snyder (Requa Family History)
Jack Tribble, ( Team Lead Recreation and Wilderness, Ely Field Office)
Steve Mac Millan, ( Nevada Kiln Historian)

Published Credit's:!


UNLV Library, Nevada's Newspaper Mico Film section.

Belmont Courier
_____June, 13, 20, (1874) _ June 14, (1877)
De Lamar Lode,
_____Jul. 26, 1898 - Jun. 19, 1906
De La Mar Roaster
_____Mar. 18, 1900
Ellendale Star,
_____Jun. 12 - Jul. 31, 1909
Eureka, Daily Sentinel
_____April 11, May, 7,11, 16, (1876)
_____Jan 2, 24_ Mar 2, 3, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 (1877)
_____June 14_July 3, 10, 17, 21, 28, 31_ August 8, 31, (1877)
Eureka, Weekly Sentinel
_____June 5, _July 2, 9 (1887)
Ferguson Lode,
_____Sep. 19, 1892 - Feb. 27, 1893
Gilbert Record,
_____Feb. 21, 1925 - May 8, 1926
Goodsprings Gazette,
_____Jul. 29, 1916 - May 21, 1921
Lander Free Press, Battle Mountain
_____Sept 2, 16, 30 (1881)
Pioneer Topic, Pioneer Nevada
_____April 2, May 1, June 3 ( 1909 )
Silver Bow Standard,
_____Jan. 6, 1906
Transvaal Miner,
_____April 14, 1906
Tybo Sun,
_____Nov. 10, 24, Dec 1, 22 (1877)
_____Jan. 5, 1878_ Sep. 13, (1879)

_Wynn Library:____________

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Addition to my Library:

Territorial Enterprise,
_____Friday, October 3, 1958____have paper in my collection!
Eureka Daily Sentinel,
September 10th, 1875_complete paper
Abstract report on Geology of the Eureka District, Nevada, By Arnold Hague around 1900
Ghost Town Gazette,_____ Winter 1996-1997
The Ghosts of Hot Creek,Essay by Elisabeth Vassar , 1938
Nevada Exploration ___by Terri McBride Nevada State Historic Preservation Office
Nevada Bureau of mines and Geology Bulletin 47____by Joseph V. Tingley
Nevada Bureau of mines and Geology Bulletin 73____by; C.M. Tschanz and E.H. Pampeyan 1970
Nevada Bureau of mines and Geology Bulletin 79____by; Keith G. Papke, 1972
Nevada Historical Society Quarterly____Vol 25, Summer 1982
Nevada Historical Society Quarterly____Vol 40, Fall 1997
Nevada Historical Society Quarterly____Vol 41, Spring 1998
Nevada Historical Society Quarterly____Vol 41, Summer 1998
Nevada Historical Society Quarterly____Vol 41, Fall 1998
Journal of the West,____Vol XX, January 1981
Journal of the West,____Vol XXII, April 1983
Journal of the West,____Vol XXV, April 1986
Journal of the West,____Vol XXVI, January 1987
Western Places ( Quarterly ),_Vol 2, Number 4, Winter 1993, Editor Alan H Patera.
University of Nevada Bulletin 5____by; Paul F. Kerr, 1936
Mining the American West ____by David J. Whittaker August 1994
Thesis by Franklin Graeola ___The Charcoal Burner War of 1879, University of Nevada wrote 1969
Thesis by Ronald L Reno ___Fuel for the Frontier; Industrial Archaeology of Charcoal Production in the Eureka
Thesis by Clair T Kitts ___A History of the Federal and Territorial Court Conflicts in Utah, 1851-1874, wrote July 1959
Mining District, Nevada 1869-1891, University of Nevada Reno wrote 1996
Why Did Nevada Become A State?___by Guy Rocha, Nevada State Archivist
Who's On First? Nevada's First Newspaper____by Guy Rocha, Nevada State Archivist
Staging a Robbery Without a Coach___By Guy Rocha, Nevada State Archivis
Pioneer of the Mojave:The Life and Times of Aaron G. Lane___By Richard D. and Kathryn L. Thompson
Mineral Resources of Black Rock Desert;__Bulletin 1726-E , Published by U. S. Geological Survey 1987.
George Wesley McMullin, 05 Oct 1859 - 4 Apr 1898, Son of Willard Glover and Mary Ann Holmes McMullin
______by Carol Easterbrook Wolf great-granddaughter 1999
Younger Brothers, Clipping from the 1938 Kansas City Times, in Mothers old scrap book.

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