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Sodaville Nevada !

During my October-November 2006 trip with the Professors, I was reading my copy of the Desert Magazine issue January 1956. I found a article on Sodaville and Rhodes Marsh which was close to where we now were. Setting in a motel room in Tonopah thinking about where to take the Professors next. The author, Harold O. Wright, had several photos of the area which helped me a great deal in finding the same locations. His guide was one Carl Sullivan. which I take to be a local of the area. Here is my photo of what Carl said was the old Sodaville Jail.

The buildings on the highway are not the original townsite. You have to go east about a quarter of a mile to find the Mt. Diablo silver Mill to be in Old Sodaville. The jail is over by the highway. Photo of the mill to the left. Sodaville could have very easily have taken the place of Mina, if they had not gotten greedy, When the Southern Pacific railroad 1905 came through, they wanted a place with water for their depot. Sodaville was built at a big spring located up in the Pilots. The Southern Pacific offered to buy it for $35,000, but before the deal went through another party optioned the Springs and raised the price to $70,000.

The Southern Pacific then decided to move three miles north and drill their own wells, where the town of Mina is now located. (Photo to the right is the Mill Cabin.) Besides the Hot Springs and bath houses, the town held on for a few years and then went into a decline to nothing. One of the earliest places where Borax was refined lies just south of Sodaville. It dates back to the days of the narrow gauge railroad. The photo at bottom is one taken from the magazine and the one below is mine taken at some what the same angle. The diffenece is 1956 to 2006.

Sodaville died out around 1915, the Tonopah and Goldfield railroad was built in 1904 which stopped and hope of a revival. The newer buildings built after 1900 on the highway are just about all you can find, only the mill and jail are left from the 1880's!