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Tognoni Story:

To start with Ernest Jesse Jacques and Maria Cross from Ohio had a daughter named Myrtle Cross. Myrtle married John Williams and had a son by the name of Charlie, better known as Rattlesnake Charlie. Charlie later married a women by the name of Mildred Collins. In 1918 Charlie would have a shoot out with Wild Indian or Morey Jack's Boy at Hick's Station leaving the indian and Charlie wounded but Charlie's wife got killed. She is buried at the Duckwater cemetery, I am not sure where Charlie is buried.

In 1887, Myrtle files for divorce from John Williams on the grounds that he did " beat, abuse, and maltreat her in a cruel and inhuman manner. In the same year after her divorce was granted she traveled to Elko Nevada to marry her ex-husband's ranch hand- Joe Tognoni (J.C.). Tognoni went by first Guiseppi Cristofo di Tognoni to Joe and to finally just J.C. He came here to the US from Italy in 1880. Now J.C. and Myrtle had Joseph Russell Tognoni in 1889 and a daughter by the name of Elva. Myrtle had high ambitions for her daughter, she was going to do everything in her power to make her a lady. Elva was sent to the sister's school in Ogden, Utah, and then to Saint Mary's College for women in Indiana. In the early 20's Senator Tasker Oddie picked her to be his secretary in Washington D.C. Then in 1931, after two bad marriages she had a breakdown and was committed to a mental institution, leaving behind two children, one with the name of Jackie, named after her last husband Jack Strode.

James C. McMinn was one of the early homesteaders in Duckwater Valley, with a deed dated back to 1870. J.C. Tognoni received the deed from the heirs of the McMinn estate in 1895. This would be home for the Tognoni family to raise their children until the late 20's when J.R. lost it to the bank. This is the time when J.C. and Myrtle moved to their Silverton mining claims and J.R. stayed behind to manage the Bank Ranch in Duckwater, only to later give up the home place in Duckwater and move his family north to Eureka. Joseph Russell Tognoni and Ina Bell Mendez had three children, Nye, Hale and Neva.

References: Treasure in the Dust by Becky Boudway

I have started to write a history profile but I haven't completed it yet. This is what I have so far.

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