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Trip Log 2006 ! ! 

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Jan 15,2006

About a week ago I got e-mail from a one Robin Adair in California. He told me of his family ties and the old home place founded in Nevada and gave me some interesting history. I did my home work and found there to be on the old homestead, three graves, petroglyphs, and a old stone house. This I must see, and today is the day to see it.

Wesley and I headed out early for Moapa. There was some mix up in the obituary about Emeline Huntsman which gave the directions as west, when it should have said south. Anyway, we had a great time four wheeling all over the place. We did find the Kane Springs Ranch and I got pictures of the graves, petroglyphs, and the old cabin. I now have the history and photos for a profile I can put in my February Newsletter as featured.

I really love it when all the plans come together. There is a lot of history in this area. We had a great day even though we did not make it up to bennett Pass, we ran out of time. I had to climb all over the place, the petroglyphs were everywhere.

Total mileage this trip 200

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Feb 12th,2006

Ever since last fall I have been chasing down the location of the charcoal kiln on Bennett Pass, west of Panaca. Well today was our second try at finding it. Wesley and I left around 7:00 am and made it our priority for today.

The only way I could think of finding it was, drive up to the top of the range and run all of the roads. I told Wesley the directions that I remember were to go up to the second turn and go north. God there are a lot of road up there. After two hours of running all over the northern side Wesley asked if I would consider going south instead. I seem to always go the wrong way first. Well we found it, but, it does not look like a regular type kiln, more like a rock pit. We also found the site of Fossil embedded rocks, BLM sign. Founded some really kool fossils.

Well after almost three hours of running the roads and a hour digging through rocks, I was ready to call it a day. I was planning on going up to the Comet mine site after the charcoal kiln, but it was to late to start a new adventure. We had great weather, around 70 degrees, and a lot of fun exploring. I can now check this one off the list as found, and go on to something else, maybe Death Valley next weekend.

Total mileage this trip 338

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Mar 19th,2006

I have been trying to do at least one trip a month. I have so many places I want to go and not enough time. Besides every once in a while I need to get out of the house. All of this and the fact that storm clouds make for better photos, its Time. Today we are going to find the Brick Kiln Springs, I figure the name means there is or was a kiln there, I found it on my Topo Map Software. It also has a place called Seymour and one call McDonald as historical sites. The campsites are Troy, Irwin and Grant City all together right close. Plus I figure to do Rachel, the best-known Alien site in Nevada, and the world for that matter.

When we left home the clouds were socked in over Vegas. By the time I went north to I-15 and 93 it started to down pour rain all the way to almost Pahranagat. I topped off the tank in Ash Springs where the sun finally came through. We turned on the Extrterrestrial Highway (375) and made our way up over Hancock Summit on the Irish Range, which turned to snow. As I looked down over the Sand Springs Valley it was all white for as far as the eye could see. We did stop at Rachel for a few good shots. Rachel is not a town of long history, it is only 26 years old, but it does have popularity with the alien crowd and well know all over. I thought it might be worth posting. As we continued on to Queen City Summit the snow faded away and everything was dry again. As we approached the Echo Canyon Reservoir, just before the Twin Springs Slough I turned east on the Railroad Valley Road. It would be thirty miles from here to the Brick Kiln Springs Site. The farther I looked the whiter everything got. The mountain range was all white with the clouds hanging low over them. The Valley floor was white as well with a low haze hanging down which made it hard to see. The haze turned out to be a snowstorm, which we drove through for about ten miles.

Brick Kiln Springs was a good idea, I think, but there was nothing to be found. Not even the spring was left to see. With the floor of the Valley flat for miles and very little sage to hide anything, I found nothing. Makes you kinda feel stupid at times, but there was always plan b. Troy is right above the springs. The mountain was one big cloud; all we could see was the base. Why not! We got most of the way up, I crossed the creek twice and figure we were about a half-mile from it. The snow was really coming down hard and it was already a foot or better deep. Then we came to the place where the road was washed out, the spring run off was deep, and we were caught besides the creek and a ten-foot drop plus the wall of the canyon. Surrounded by brush and nowhere to turn around with the slant of the road toward the creek. I had to do a Missouri about face. Everyone knows that if you try to back uphill, you will only dig in and get stuck. So I rammed the truck uphill into the brush and goosed it. We spun around almost in place and slid back into the road heading down hill now. Wesley almost lost his lunch and was not happy with my bright idea, He said something in reference to commitment papers, but it worked. We will have to come back this summer for new photographs.

Seymour was one of those historical sites that really were there. It was an old log cabin dug into the ground for about one person, not very big. I will post it and hope to find out something more about it later. Irwin Camp was almost as much fun as Troy, but I did not get far and turned around and gave up. Grant City too will have to wait till summer. We drove on to Butterfield Springs our next stop. It seems to be a ranch now but we did find a dump off the road and a few old bottles. Next stop north would be McDonald's. This is a clump of thick trees that surround a spring, not much to see.

Now we are back on highway 6 just a few miles west of Currant. Now comes the part of our trips I hate, that long drive back home. Since there are only two main roads of travel north out of Vegas, you have to drive the same ones every time. It has been a most interesting day and I got a lot of good photos of snow-covered mountains. At least I have Seymour and Rachel to post. The best part is, we had a great time, or at least I did, Wesley is still upset. Through rainstorms, snowstorms and finding a little sunlight to boot, only in Nevada can the weather change from hour to hour. And still we will have to return again to get updated photos.

Total mileage this trip 536

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April 9th,2006

Well this month is going to be busy, so I thought I better get out while I can. Following my plans, Goldfield would be the next trip. I have my anniversary coming up next weekend and Brenda says we are going to Mesquite for three days. I have not figured out what we are going to do for three days, but I am taking a few books to read anyway.

The priority for this trip is the Charcoal Kiln up near Dago Joe Springs. The next would be Diamond Field northeast of Goldfield. Then I thought I might find a few good shots of Goldfield and add it to my site as well, it has a great amount of history. I had no faith in finding this two, but we were going to do our best.

We drove up Indian Springs Canyon, on the east side of Montezuma Range. Tom had said he thought the kiln was right on the road below Dago Joe Springs. I did not see anything, so we ended up at Dago Joes. There is a cabin, some what left of one, and a nice spring, still running. We thing drove up to Brick Springs next up the canyon, no Kiln. I finally ended up at almost the peak and could not find it. We explored the whole canyon on the way down. This took about two hours. I finally gave up and headed down. Wesley finally saw it below Dago Joes right on the road. I don't know how we miss it. Nice little Kiln, I got some good shots. We also stopped at Gemfield on the way out. This was funny, pay on your honor rock hunts. It must be a tourist thing.

Next stop, Diamond Field Nevada. We got lucky, there was two stone foundations left of the camp. After taking my shots we explored around. I found a big foundation at what looked to be a large mine site. Then we found several other foundations and a great view of Goldfield from high up. I got the two big mills out along the high and a ton of photos east of Goldfield. This was awesome, there is enough to take several days if you would want to explore it all.. So after a couple of hundred photos we headed in to down town Goldfield for a few of the old historic buildings. I will have to go back and read up on my history to get the names right when I post them.

This turned out to be a awesome day, we had a ball. It was a little cool and windy up on the mill top, but still awesome. I can not wait to post the photos, I can not show them all but I will pick the best.

Total mileage this trip 355

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June 4th,2006

Well it always takes a first run to get the lay of the land. The objective of todays outing was to find the kiln at Indian Springs below Grassy Mtn. My maps showed a road going to the Steward Ranch and turning into a 4wd path past the ranch around up to Indian Springs. What we found was a locked gate at the ranch. So much for Indian Springs.

Plan B for the day was to go to Jack Rabbit, or Royal City, for a return visit. I got a lot of good photos so I can update my Jack Rabbit web page. Wesley found some really good bottles, that have not been shot. We spent the biggest part of the day there and had a great time besides our failure at Indian Springs.

Total mileage this trip 404

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June 20th_25th, 2006

Tuesday, Brenda and I got an early start. I needed to get back to Project Faultless for more photos so I went by way of Tonopah. I had plans to get Faultless and then up by Duckwater to find Buck Fork and Pogue Station on the way to Eureka. Well Stanley does not have Buck Fork on his Atlas, but Delorme does, Stanley won. Buck was a bust, but Pogue Station was still there, just not standing. It has fallen down in a pile of wood. Got me a few photos and on to Eureka. Oh, by the way the Fed's have left the CNTA and there is nothing going on now there. They left a couple of drill sites with Jobox's located on top of them. I guess the area is safe now, or as safe as it ever was, hope I don't start glowing in the dark now. Well we got to Eureka in time to get a few shots of the charcoal burners grave site. Needed photo for furture article. We got a room at the Ruby Hill Motel, last one they had, ate supper at the cafe and called it a day. Brenda thought the drive up played hell with her back, wait till tomorrow.

Wednesday, had breakfast at the cafe and head out to the Diamond Range. I got the Eureka Station on the way. I had planned to stop at Willows and then Coleman, but I could not find any remains or a way to get closer to the sites, so we head on to find Diamond City. I found a road headed in the direction of Phillipsburg Mine but turned south for Diamond. Well, I got Diamond with nothing but a few wooden shacks, all down of course, and then headed south to find the kiln. On the way I came across the smelter ruins, and then on to the Charcoal Kiln. The kiln is in great shape but the cabin foundation is half gone. The roads up here, if you call them that are rough, real rough. Brenda was not happy with that. I had her from roof to floor several times. I then headed back north and up to the Phillipsburg Mine, now here is a photographers dream, model T, stone foundations, wooden cabins, mining equipment, and a out house. After this, we have already killed about six hours, we head north again to the Diamond Springs Station. This was an Pony Express site, but there was very little left, one chimney. Well it was going on 4:00 pm and Brenda was all about bounced out. We headed back to the motel and call it a night.

Thursday morning, well after breakfast, we had to wait till 10:00 am for the museum to open, I got all of the photos of the museum to add to my site. The plan was to find all three kiln sites, but it did not work out. I know there is another kiln at Diamond City but I could not find it and I did not have enough research to even tell where it was for sure. There is another just north of Diamond, I could not locate it either, so I am one for three and will have to return and try it again. Given the facts I need to do more research for this area, we head out on our way to Ely. But first I had a location for the Angelo Bell Cabin at the top of Sentinel Mountain, this took about two hours to find nothing. Not a can, bottle, or any kind of trash. I got a good view of Newark Valley and that was about it. While we were in the area Brenda and I returned to Newark and the mill site. Newark is nothing but trash and the mill has a mobile home setting right on the foundation. Well hell, today is just not my day so we headed for Ely. I had one more stop planned at Buck Station, but given the way the day was going I thought there would be nothing of it either, so I skipped it and went on. Al Frederick told me later today that there is a bunch of stone buildings and a barn still standing there. It figures, the one I skipped was the only that was any good. I was having a bad feeling about the day, and I found out why when we got to Ely. Firefighters Convention and a movie crew in town, I was told there were no rooms to be found. Again Brenda was not in a good mood and using language that was my hint to find a room and call it a day. Deser-est Motel, again I got the last room for three days.

Friday morning I got to take some early morning photos of the Pinenut Indian Maiden statue at the park. Then we went to the Hotel for breakfast. The sun was not all that great and I had shadows, so I will have to redo the statue later in the day, I need it for another article, Tom and I did one on the mural at the bank and it was published in the Environmental History in April. So now we are going to do another on the statue. After all of this we went over to Al and Donna Frederick to visit, and that was the rest of the day, but we made plans to go to Ruby Hill early the next morning.

Saturday we all had breakfast and headed north to Ruby Hill. The last time we were there it was blowing snow so bad I could hardly see over the hood, so I need more photos. Al had been up hear back in 99 and did not find the five stamp mill site so that was our priority 1. We found it at the base of the valley and then took a whole lot of photos of the camp site up on the ridge. On the way back to Ely Al showed me a camp that had a blacksmith shop and a whole lot of trash everywhere, problem is it is not on any maps. The mystery town, so now we are researching to find out what was there. On the way through McGill Brenda saw some Indian rugs outside of a shop, we just had to stop. Shopping always makes Brenda feel better, just my luck. The rest of the day we spent visiting at Al and Donna's going over old photos. On the way back to the motel I try the statue again. The hard motel beds are starting to take a toll on me, I am beat.

Sunday morning it was going to be through Tonopah and try to caught Eva at the museum again, no luck, she is only there Wednesday through Friday. When we were just outside of Ely about twenty miles we can upon a Van burning along side the road. I got out a shot a bunch of photos till the fire department got there. They block the highway for about an hour while they put out the Van and the grass fire. I was on the wrong side of the block to continue. Well we were in no hurry anyway. At Black Rock Summit I stopped and took more photos of the Tognoni cemetery. The family had let me know I had missed one grave site and I wanted to get a photo of it. Now there are two more grave sites since we were there last in 2003, all Tognoni. Well I am tired and Brenda is sore in the back, we called it a day. We had a nice drive back to Vegas and a good to better vacation on this trip. I still have three weeks to burn this year and Ely will be one of them. It seems you always have to go back for more, especially in White Pine County.

Total mileage this trip 1030

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July 30th, 2006

Money is tight, the grand kids are driving me nut's, I have so many things I need to get done I don't know which one to do first, and there is only one thing I can think of _ Road Trip!

Brother Jon at work heard me tell about our trip to Jack Rabbit and he wanted to take his son. Since Wesley and I did not get to photo the inside of the Jack Rabbit Tunnel and I wanted to go Fossil hunting, we agreed to go back again. There are also some petroglyphs along the way I have been trying to get to for three years. So it was out to the Jack Rabbit mine in Lincoln county.

Our first stop would be at Pahranagat lakes, there are petroglyphs on the west side of the road south of the big lake. Well I found the spot, but there were thousands of rocks right where I thought they should be. We looked all over the place and could have just as easily walked by as not. After about an hour I gave for the time being. And we decided to head on to Black Rock Point at Delamar Lake for more. Wesley headed out along the east side of the ridge and Jon and his son Jaedon started up to the top. While I was getting my camera out I saw a little sign just about fifty feet from me. I walked over to it and it said, Petroglyphs! It was just one large rock and they are very old and hard to see, but I got a photo anyway. The one rock was all I could find, but that was enough. It was now on to Jack Rabbit.

At Royal City (Jack Rabbit) we spent about three or four hours exploring the area and had a great time of it. Then we drove up to the tunnel and had a late lunch, it was very cool sitting in front of the mine shaft. The tunnel was very cold and very large at the end, or as far I as care to go. I got some good photos and we got out to warm up. It was starting to get late in the afternoon so we headed back to Bennett Pass for the fossil field. As we arrived down at Panaca the clouds were rolling in and it was raining hard up on the pass, so we called it a day, Jaedon was worn out anyway.

Well it was a good trip and I needed it. Everyone had fun and that is what the whole thing is about anyway. I have some good photos and a couple of bottles to show for it.

Total mileage this trip 372

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August 20th, 21st,22nd, and 23rd, 2006

After my last trip to Eureka, I only found one of the three kilns I was after. From the titles on the photos Jim O Neil took in the early 70's, I know that one is in or close to Water Canyon and the other is south of the Phillipsburg Mine. Either way, I am going to have to walk all over the place to find them. I gave Brenda the option to be my bird dog and go find or stay home this time. I won't use the words she used to answer, but it was plain and simple, Wesley was going this trip.

Sunday morning we started out for the Hot Creek range. I need photos of the Hot Creek Canyon and tulles for the article we are working on. I also got some real good leads on where to find more history about the ranch. Oh yeah, before we got there we overheated the truck, not bad but just enough to have to stop and let her cool off. They say 50 Hiway is the loneliest Hiway in Nevada, if you have ever broke down on 6 I think you would argue that. It seems when I checked the water that morning I did not get the cap on good. Of all of the stuff I had, water was not one of them. So, we set the cooler out to melt the ice and put it in the truck. Well that got us to the Hot Creek Ranch OK. Well this was enough to kill about five hours. We finally stop back at Pogue Station again to get the right photo of the shack, or what was the shack. Last time I took photos of the fallen down line shack across the road. We finally made it to Eureka about four in the afternoon and headed straight for the motel, I was beat.

Monday morning Wesley and I headed out to the Diamond Range. I must have walked fifty miles that day, and most of it seemed up hill. Wesley covered 90 percent more than I did, but we could not find the kilns. We did find more stone cabin ruins and a charcoal pit. We got out there at nine in the morning and gave up around four. After we got back to the motel I died again. There has to be a easier way of doing this. The next morning after we ate I hit the locals up for information trying to find out more about the range and kilns. I did, now there is two more kiln up Green Canyon I did not know about. This will make five kilns after I find them all. At least I do have one already. About noon we headed out for Ely. The plan was to stop at Buck Station on the way. Now this has to be the best kept Pony Express Station in Nevada. We found three stone cabins and a stone stable, with a wooden post pen. Got to Ely in the afternoon and visited with Al and Donna for the rest of the day. On Wednesday morning we headed home, but first we would stop again at Indian Springs above Pioche to search for the kiln we could not find last time, and did not find this time either.

Wesley and I learned more on this trip than we saw. I got several good leads for more history and a better understanding of where to look next time. All and all we had a good time and got a very good suntan. And for all of you fishing nuts, Illipah is full again and we are going fishing next time out.

Total mileage this trip 894

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October, 28th thru November 2nd, 2006

This will be done in two parts. Professor Tom Straka and his brother Paul will make the first run. Tom and I are working on a few articles that need photos to finish up. So Saturday I fetched Paul at his motel and met Tom at the airport at noon. We headed right out for Ely. We got there in time to get some afternoon and evening shots of the Nevada Hotel and the mural. This takes care of the mural article we are sending into the Sunset Magazine. We also were able to locate one of the oldest murals in Ely. It was in a bar off the main drag and dates back to 1933. Had a great time that night.

Sunday we were off to Hot Creek to chase down the history about when and where the first hotel was built in Hot Creek. There seems to be many stories and they are different. We found out more, but it just brought up more questions unanswered. Made the trip through Hot Creek canyon and got more photos, this time the hot springs for sure, it was hot! After that we ran up Kiln Canyon to search for an old blacksmith shop. After a healthy walk which killed most of the day we headed for Tonopah. We did make a few stops, one at Silverton to see the old cemetery and another at the black lava site off the highway. When we got into Tonopah we were pretty well beat. Had a good super and hit the motel and crashed. Paul is younger, I think he did a walkabout that night after Tom and I died.

Monday the game plan was to find some old ghost town saloons to visit. We are working on an ghost town tavern idea for next year and we need to find about five really good old saloons. We headed out north to Gabbs, because I have not been there in five years, and then over to Ione. It is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Well we missed it but at least it still is in business. By this time we needed to head back to Vegas. Paul had a flight out at six the next morning.

Tuesday morning, Tom got Paul to the airport and met Professor Roy (retired) and Wesley and I played a round of golf. I met Tom and Roy at the Atlantis show at 1:00pm. After I gave them the full tour while the show was down for repairs, I pick the best times to be on vacation, we headed for Tonopah were we already had rooms for the night. That night I had brought along a bunch of the 1956 Desert Magazines to read. Tom wanted to read the Charcoal article in the June issue. I happen to find an article about Sodaville, which was right close to Tonopah. It had some great old photos and I wanted to take the same shots and add something new to my site.

Wednesday morning we headed to Sodaville. That was a lucky find and it worked out great. We also found Rhodes Salt Marsh for a few photos as well. After having some great fun taking shots of every thing we headed down to Beatty where we have rooms for the night. But before we got there I had a brain fart and drove over to Silver Peak. I guess the saloon is not open any more, it just did not work out. But, we did find the saloon in Goldfield open and got some great information on the old hotel and maybe next spring we might get a chance to spend the night in it. By the time we had a few beers and talked it was getting late. We finally made it into Beatty about dark. We eat and crashed!

Thursday we wanted to take it easy and get into Vegas early. Tom had promised Roy to hit the strip before they left. So we dropped over into Death Valley and run down by Tecopa and back over to Vegas. Got a few interesting photos in Death Valley and Tom really liked Dublin Gulch at Shoshone. He liked it so well I am going to write an article on it now. But I will have to run back over for better photos. I thought I had a bunch from 2000 when Brian and I were there. I just can not find them, oh well at least it is close. We all got back in about 4:00 pm and I dropped them off at the hotel and beat the traffic back to my house. I think everyone had a great time, I know Paul did, he never quit talking about it. It was his first time in Nevada and Vegas as well. I may not be able to get out as much as I use to, but I try to make the best of it when I do! This was a very rewarding trip for me.

Total mileage this trip 1640

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December 9th, 2006

Well after the last trip out with Tom, We have come up with another article idea. I am going to try Dublin Gulch at Shoshone. Nevada Magazine has showed a big interest in the idea, but I need something more to show them as far as a sells pitch go's. Wesley and I made a run over for better photo's of the Gulch. I know I am way behind in everything, and that is not just only my web site, its close to Christmas and the family is driving me nuts.

We had a good drive over and the weather was great, I even think the sun was in my favor for this one. I am hoping to get caught up on my postings soon!

Total mileage this trip 201

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Total mileage in 2006 = 5942 miles

Total mileage in 2005 = 5900 miles

Total mileage in 2004 = 4427 miles

Total mileage in 2003 = 6213 miles

Total mileage in 2002 = 7462 miles

Total mileage in 2001 = 7087 miles

Total mileage in 2000 = 2163 miles

Total mileage since August 2000 = 38835 miles

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