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Bob's, Ghost Town Seekers!
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From: Bob RudeE-Mail: harmlesbobb@aol.comDate: 12/26/05, 6:34 PM
I have been going over to Cherry Creek annually since 1971.<BR>Enjoyed your website. John and Sue Evans run the Barrel Saloon. Prior to that, the Rev. Dale Parks ran the saloon.  
From: Mike GriebelE-Mail: mike-griebel@comcast.netDate: 1/7/06, 11:16 AM
Thanks for posting this site its wonderful  
From: susan southwickE-Mail: susouth@yahoo.comDate: 1/16/06, 4:36 PM
Some of the cabins/mine sites south of Mountain View belong to the Barndt family. They have historic connections all over the area, including the Upper and Lower Hot Creek ranches (only with the Upper ranch now). We own the Old Page Place, a homestead at the top of Hot Creek Canyon. As with all the old places, looking but not taking is the only way to preserve them for others who visit. Nice site.  
From: Jim BakerE-Mail: losthwy@xpressweb.comDate: 1/17/06, 3:49 PM
Great site! We visited Pioche in 04' and had a very enjoyable time, the people there are great! We're looking forward to coming back in 06' and doing some exploring. My great-grandfather - Nelson Baker - was the master mechanic at the Golden Prince Mine in about 1908. We're trying to locate some of his old hangouts that are described in a collection of memoirs put together by my great uncle Evan Baker. Looking forward to Pioche!<BR>Jim and Sandy Baker, Kanab, Utah  
From: Bill TrowsdaleE-Mail: btrowsdale@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/21/06, 6:49 AM
This is really great . I have been doing this with a friend from work for about 20 years now. We have seen alot of towns in the western half of nevada.<BR> Please write back and we can change notes on some places. Maybe I have been to some that you have not been to yet.<BR> again this is great work, and alot of fun.  
From: Richard EssigE-Mail: killer638@yahoo.comDate: 1/22/06, 6:37 PM
We visited St. Thomas this weekend 1/22/06 and enjoyed the site. When getting I found your website and found extra information. Between the info and the visit, we plan on going back. Keep up with the info and pictures. Rich Essig  
From: Gregory CarthewE-Mail: eighteyes2005@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/29/06, 10:21 AM
Just found your site. I go to Duckwater every summer as my relatives still own a large ranch there. Great shots of the cemetery. My aunt and uncle (Halstead) are in there. It is a wonderful place to visit. Have been going and working there since high school(late 50's early 60's).<BR>My cousion and her husband still run The Duckwater Cattle Company. Always is a working vacation.
From: Sherry SteeleE-Mail: steel75642@aol.comDate: 1/29/06, 6:33 PM
My Steele family (grandparents and gr-grandparents) came to the Puget Sound area (Seattle) via Sacramento in 1864-1865, as part of a wagon train from the midwest during the Civil War. One of my grandfather's brothers, Hugh Nathaniel Steele, had come west in 1847 at the age of 19. He had become very prosperous in the mines of British Columbia. So when the Civil War heated up, he wrote to the family encouraging them to leave the midwest, which they did on May 14, 1864. Hugh exchanged letters with the family as they were on the Trail. I thought some readers of this might find it interesting to note that the Steeles mentioned Austin, Nevada in several of these letters, as they passed through there on their way to a new life in the West.  
From: Rod CallahanE-Mail: knottrue2u@yahoo.comDate: 2/3/06, 11:46 AM
Greetings:<BR><BR>I found your site while surfing the net. Iv'e always been facinated about ghost towns since I was about eleven. My first experience with anything "ghostly" was an old house that had been abandoned for many years. This was 1964. Way out in the middle of nowhere it stood surrounded by a very dense stand of tree's. Long story, anyway love your site. I live in Kansas and from what Iv'e researched, there are over 500 documented "old" towns that are no longer. <BR> Good Hunting to Both of You  
From: Roderick SmithE-Mail: inspectorsmth@cox.netDate: 2/7/06, 7:32 AM
I find your web site very interesting! My father, Postmaster in Reno 1926-1934 named a post office, east of Sparks, after me - Roderick, Nevada. It was a mining community. I-80 now goes through the general store and outhouse, so don't go look for it. I still correspond with a lady, who was a McKinley Park Grammar School student and Reno High School student - her family lived in Roderick before they moved to Reno in 1938. RHS 60th year reunion is in Reno, August, 2006! Rod Smith  
From: Doug CentersE-Mail: jilli1969@aol.comDate: 2/9/06, 6:49 AM
wondering if you had any background information on Tybo's first settler John great grandfathers name was the same but I cannot find him from 1864 to about 1880 any help would be great .THANK YOU!  
From: Scott R. JensenE-Mail: scottrj50@yahoo.comDate: 2/22/06, 6:43 AM
What a fantastic site!!! I love the openess of White Pine County. Well for that matter most of Nevada.Your site has got to be the best site I've seen about "the old White Pine County" Did you GPS the sites? Again...Great site  
From: Jim Johnston E-Mail: jrj1@hotmail.comDate: 3/1/06, 6:23 AM
I'm intrested in the old mines of southern Nevada and the towns with them. I'm a learning gold panner! Your site has a lot of interest for me.  
From: julieE-Mail: magicflame67@yahoo.comDate: 3/3/06, 7:00 AM
I love your site! keep it up.  
From: William WardE-Mail: wildbillwww@aol.comDate: 3/20/06, 9:39 AM
My Father, Jack Ward, was raised in Ely. His parents moved to McGill in 1923 from Michigan and Ely a few years later. My Grandfather, E.H. Ward, was principal of Ely High School and superitendant of White Pine Co. Schools. If you are interested, Dad is living and can provide a great deal of info on the area. He hunted every day. He worked on the railroad for one summer. His brother and he explored Hercules Gap, Ghost towns, old mines, etc.  
From: Niki R Maynard RutzE-Mail: cinchchic_4@hotmail.comDate: 3/24/06, 6:55 AM
Hi Bob, It was nice to see my old home on your site!! I lived on lockes and Hot Creek Ranch in the 80'S I was a teen then, We ran 1800 head of cattle year round on the ranch,we are the ones who put in the rock wall around the yard.We bulit a new porch in the back by the kitchen, after I drove through the old porch when the brakes went out of my truck! Boy was mom mad I took out her hot water heater!! There is not one ghost in the house at hot creek but three, Joseph T and grandma Sophie {Sonya was her real name} then there was a little boy in one of the back bedrooms who would sit on the bed and stroke your face when you were asleep. It's to bad that the house looks so run down inside now. Well gota run.  
From: AlexE-Mail: Propecia-online@Propecia.orgDate: 3/25/06, 5:46 AM
Very nice site. Will sure visit again!  
From: BennyJRE-Mail: benjaminjr@infocomm.orgDate: 3/30/06, 8:08 AM
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From: jacquiE-Mail: juggla4000@yahoo.comDate: 3/30/06, 12:58 AM
cherry creek town has enspired me to use this town as a place my characters are going to live in in the book i'm writing, thank you!  
From: RickE-Mail: cva41@hotmail.comDate: 4/10/06, 6:14 PM
My wife and I enjoy finding ghost towns in and around Nevada. We found the Grey Mill by Bodie but knew nothing about it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for such a great web-site... Rick  
From: Randall BorgmanE-Mail: rlborgman@yahoo.comDate: 4/10/06, 6:16 PM
Thanks for the research. My father is buried at Bone Hill Cemetery in Levasy Missouri. MY grandparents and most of my kin are also buried there. Randy Borgman  
From: BillE-Mail: pyt1@dex.comDate: 4/10/06, 6:17 PM
Pleasant design, successful navigation.  
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From: Chris SylviaE-Mail: sincitysport@cox.netDate: 4/20/06, 11:08 AM
Web site is awesome! It has helped me with my travels and some research.Thanks for making it!!! Take care,Chris  
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From: s johnsonE-Mail: lock3234@yahoo.comDate: 5/4/06, 9:18 AM
great website! thanks for your work<BR><BR> steve j.  
From: Lou Scott E-Mail: debranlou@earthlink.netDate: 6/1/06, 6:04 PM
Great WEB site, found you through google. I am interested in old railroad camps and stations and your site gave me some great leads, thanks. I'll be back!!!  
From: JohnE-Mail: john.weinsteinmaximuss@aol.comDate: 6/6/06, 10:51 AM
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From: Al EastonE-Mail: varmit46@verizon.netDate: 6/7/06, 6:22 AM
What a great webs site. I have recently retired from a Gary Indiana Steel Mill. After reading about your adventures, I am planning a trip to Nevada's Cherry Creek area.<BR>(I hope I don't get eaten by a bear)

From: Tawni MessengerE-Mail: thekid3451@cox.netDate: 6/13/06, 7:34 AM
The grave stones on duckwater page 3 are my kin. I have been looking for them and now I have found their grave stones. This is great. I love seeing family info.
From: wrigley field E-Mail: field@mail.comDate: 6/27/06, 7:21 PM
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From: daneE-Mail: dane@mail.comDate: 7/9/06, 11:01 AM
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From: joeE-Mail: brakingbrics@sbcglobal.netDate: 7/14/06, 7:22 AM
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hi.. just droppin' by your site.. it's really cute... nice work!  
From: Mark ReesorE-Mail: mrees@myrealbox.comDate: 7/15/06, 7:11 AM
Great site! Absolutely fascinating; I really enjoyed the pictures and descriptions. It's amazing to think of how these places must have looked like in their day!
From: Philip B. GalbraithE-Mail: history@reno.comDate: 7/15/06, 11:52 AM  
From: LarryE-Mail: larry@zuzu.atDate: 7/23/06, 5:07 PM
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From: Mark GeuyE-Mail: mdlg1@netzero.comDate: 7/24/06, 3:41 PM
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From: charles w and bobbie kennedyE-Mail: cwdacco@hotmail.comDate: 7/29/06, 3:07 PM
like your work we lived in tonopah 10 years 74 to 84 did a lot of old dump exploring in remote ghost towns found some neet stuff hope to retire soon have a little 10 ft camp trailer almost ready to go may see out their soon  
From: ReeE-Mail: ree@mail.comDate: 7/31/06, 1:28 PM
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Good job guys!  
From: d. codyE-Mail: freddienme@hotmail.comDate: 8/13/06, 4:05 PM
Hi Bob- Nice site and photos of the Nevada Ghost. I retired to Eugene, Or. several years ago but my base camp was Carson City for 23 years. Not to mant ghost left in Carson City,(Ormsby County) Most of the old buildings except for a few downtown have been destroyed by civilization or no tax breaks. For along time the old VT round house stood vacant downtown but was torn down because city officials wouldnt give the California owner a tax cut. Back in my meter reading days in Carson City there was and still is an old cemetary in Empire. It is back by a cement plant. The drives along the Carson River are nice both East and West of Carson , they contain ruins of old mills that processed ore form Virginia City. Plus Brunswick Canyon follow the VT railroad grade. Not much to see in Lyon county, progress has eaten that up too. But the drive along, again, the Carson Rv. east to Fort Churchill is pleasent. To bad all private. Prine Grove I thought was a well perserved ghos!
t. It was fun to kick around the mine tailings and the dump and enjoy the high clear clean Nevada air. I could write on and on about the ghosts and there are alot more. Plus interesting sites and drives withou the ghosts. Enjoy Nevada, I did when I lived there.-- Cody  
From: Jack HeuerE-Mail: wjackheuer@earthlink.netDate: 8/17/06, 6:33 AM
Great site! We took our 4-wheelers from Sunnyside to Pioche and stopped and took some pictures at Bristol Wells. We could just feel the history there. A great place and website. Thanks for the information...Jack Heuer, Tom Cyphert, Randy Bickmore and Jack Bergan.  
From: Bob WisemanE-Mail: burrobob@cox.netDate: 8/18/06, 6:35 AM
You have a great and informative website. Keep up the good work. By the way, do you have any information on the Lost Sheepherder Mine in Mineral County (NV)? If so contact me at Bob Wiseman  
From: Brenda Moody Kempton E-Mail: bmk85546@yahoo.comDate: 8/23/06, 8:48 PM
What a great site! My great-great grandmother was Sarah Jane Huntsman who married Samuel Lewis. Thanks for sharing your work ~  
From: LutherE-Mail: luther@ticket.comDate: 8/23/06, 8:49 PM
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From: DonE-Mail: dslee101@gmail.comDate: 8/30/06, 6:02 AM
Happy to hear that you found the Kiln on Bennet Pass. Back in the late 40's, I worked at the Pan American Mine in the same area. Have you visited the mine? And, is there anything left of the Bennet Springs Ranch. We used to drive out to the ranch to pick apples.
Panaca was my home many years ago, and I enjoy your Lincoln and White Pine County adventures. Keep up the good work.
From: ChristopherE-Mail: Barbara@mail.comDate: 9/6/06, 8:26 AM
Interesting site  
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