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From: Sebastian ProlotE-Mail: sebastian.prolot@hotmail.comDate: 10/21/04, 9:44 AM
I was looking for a new guest-book for my own site, when I passed here. Greetings, from the other side of the world.  
From: KadekE-Mail: allbalivillas@telkom.netDate: 10/28/04, 11:29 PM
I like your website; I will share this with friends  
From: Sharon Smiley HoytE-Mail: redrose1371945@yahoo.comDate: 11/2/04, 11:44 AM
A wonderful site. My Grandfather E. Smiley wife and child lived in Comet, Lincoln, Nevada in the 1920's, the census of 1920 showed he had 5 boarders and a Chinese cook living with them, my grandfather's occupation was listed as President, but I cannot make out the name from the census of the mine? Would anyone out there be able to shed some light on it for me?? thank you.  
From: Sarah HairelsonE-Mail: sthairelson241@joimail.comDate: 11/3/04, 3:04 PM
I have been trying to find out how to buy Farentino Colonge for women. Can you tell me a website for it?
Thank you,
From: Stanley RossE-Mail: 11/4/04, 6:14 AM
Very nice site. I am interested in ghost towns and olde buildings...  
From: Vincent SheridanE-Mail: vmsheridan@cox.netDate: 11/6/04, 5:13 PM
Having explored Delamar many times years ago, your site brought back many memories. Thanks!  
From: dan ovenshireE-Mail: clairdan@bluefrognet.netDate: 11/8/04, 6:28 AM
I lived in silver peak nevada and graduated 8th grade from there in 1980 i think it was, my dad was a miner there, met my first girlfriend there, i think her name was gloria hyitha, i think thats how you spelled it, been a long time. Had alot of fun.Anyone know of me or my father Bruce or heard of gloria, give me an e-mail, interested in saying hi.  
From: Danny HaszardE-Mail: Rollingthunderboywonder@yahoo.comDate: 11/11/04, 12:03 AM
You stand and deliver a touch of class picture perfect 5 stars and rising,shine on.Best regards,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine USA

From: KristineE-Mail: ssnydremarks@aol.comDate: 11/13/04, 7:27 AM
I am the great-granddaughter of Mark Requa and am always excited to find info for that side of my family. Thanks for the info you have on your site!  
From: Steve MyersE-Mail: info@xxx-restposten.deDate: 11/14/04, 8:40 AM
nice page  
From: Johnnie & SheilaE-Mail: idahostagecoach@earthlinl.netDate: 11/16/04, 1:13 AM
Great webb-site and very informative and we do plan to stop by more often and do plan to tell all our friends how much you have to offer the rest ghost town buffs.

Best regards
Johnnie & Sheila  
From: DAVE FLACKE-Mail: DAVE77165@HOTMAIL.COMDate: 11/17/04, 12:41 AM
From: HerbE-Mail: report@money-from-grants.comDate: 11/19/04, 9:37 AM
Great Informative Site!  
From: Craig WalkerE-Mail: craigw9953@aol.comDate: 11/23/04, 3:50 PM
While doing research on my great grandfather, Isaac J. Frazee, I found some information about his older brother, William D. Frazee, sometimes known as "Humbug Bill" Frazee. He lived in Ivanpah in the late 1870s, publishing a newspaper there called "The Green-Eyed Monster". Do you have any more information about him?  
From: Ken MooreE-Mail: lbondo1@aol.comDate: 11/26/04, 3:03 PM
I am the grandson of William A Moore. He was the original owner of the property, Moore's Station. -Glad you were there. -Ken  
From: Gregory TimmE-Mail: gctimm@yahoo.comDate: 11/27/04, 8:32 AM
My grandfather, Charles Timm, told his family that two of his brothers left their home in Osceola, Nebraska and went west to find their fortunes. He never heard from them again. Later,I was tood that Osceola, Nevada was founded by two Timm brothers from Nebraska. Any truth to this????? I went up to Osceola, Nev several years ago and found it a wonderful, lonely place.  
From: Alan TobmanE-Mail: tobmanp@aol.comDate: 11/30/04, 1:36 PM
Great Site! It brought back lots of memories from my old metal detecting days.  
From: Sanjay GulatiE-Mail: info@holidaysolution.comDate: 12/1/04, 2:03 AM
I found useful information here. please visit
From: Dale MalquistE-Mail: dalenjude@gobigwest.comDate: 12/2/04, 10:23 AM
I have been trying to find info about what I think is the stagecoach route between Salt Lake city and Los Angeles. I think it would have follwed the Spanish Trail through southern Nevada.  
From: Leonard Wilson JrE-Mail: nevadalenny@direcpc.comDate: 12/2/04, 12:53 AM
Still haven't found the pictures yet but still check  
From: Sarita WazirE-Mail: wm@basketglory.comDate: 12/3/04, 9:27 PM
Yours is Good Website and my visit was useful.
From: servicesE-Mail: abs@newlyservises.usDate: 12/6/04, 3:37 AM

Your guestbook is very nice. Thenk you  
From: maxE-Mail: max@yahoo.comDate: 12/7/04, 4:49 AM

Ur site looks great!!!!!!!!!!  
From: Glen PetersenE-Mail: gizmo60067@yahoo.comDate: 12/7/04, 4:25 PM
Good Site  
From: DAN LEMKEE-Mail: COOLCAT@ATHENET.NETDate: 12/8/04, 6:01 PM
From: Wrangler Lady GunslingerE-Mail: ldygunslinger@yahoo.comDate: 12/13/04, 10:56 PM
Hi, I've really enjoyed visiting your site!
I think your site would do really great in our
wildest website competition, The Wild Frontier,
where we compete to see whose site is the best,
but more than that we get to know each other and
have a lot of fun with the events!! Please come and
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From: Phil MarshallE-Mail: phil@mbenterprises.comDate: 12/22/04, 2:10 PM
The photo of the miner at the Manhattan cemetery is my fathers. In 2001 we placed his ashes in the Mt Moriah Cemetery after checking with county officials about the procedure. The only requirement was "not to put him on top of another guest". There is something to be said about living the simple life in Nevada.
You should also look at the cemetery in Austin Nevada. There are more residents in the Austin Cemetery than in Lander County. The town also iv quite interesting.  
From: Jarrod HastingsE-Mail: jarrod3000@yahoo.comDate: 12/24/04, 4:22 PM
I am doing research on Ghost towns and I stumbled upon your site. Very nice visting it.
From: Tracey DeckerE-Mail: traceydecker@hotmail.comDate: 12/25/04, 6:00 PM
I absolutely loved your website!I can tell you all have done a lot of traveling and research to get all this cool info.Thank you so much for letting me visit your site.I am now a residence of Pioche,Nv.But i was raised in Caliente.My Dad is a local trade token collector so if you ever come across any Nevada Trade Tokens,I would be interested in telling my Dad.  

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